• Bellows globe valves, also known as bellows seal globe valves, it is constructed with bellows inside. The lower end of the stainless steel bellows is welded to the stem to prevent the stem from being corroded by process fluid.
  • The other end is placed between the body and the bonnet to form a static seal. The double seal design also prevents leakage if the bellows fail the stem packing.
Products advantage

1.Double seal design (bellows + packing),Make sure the stem has zero leakage,reduce energy loss, improve equipment safety,Meet the national standard of sealing,Durable, stable,maintenance free.

2.The valve disc adopts the conical design, the sealing surface and the medium form a flow line, the sealing is better.

3.Fully enclosed design, working normally in adverse environment.

4.Ergonomic handwheel design, easy to operate.

5.Wear and corrosion resistance,longer service life.

Quality control steps
  • 1.Parts inspection:make sure every components has good guarantee.
  • 2.Tightness inspection: make sure the sealing of bellows globe valve.
  • 3.Whole product inspection and test
  • (1)before assembly:remove the burr of all parts , clean all parts and the inner cavity of the valve body
  • (2)after assembly:Whole product inspection and test
If the test results meet the requirements, the whole bellows globe valve is qualified.

What can we do for you?

一:For engineering customers

1.provide solutions(According to customer needs)Meet the working conditions

2.Provide drawings/technical support/ installation maintenance

3.Competitive price

二:for Dealer customers

1.Competitive price

2.Customized service(OEM/ODM/Productcatalog/ technical information, packing plan)

3.Visual production

4.Timely delivery

5.Payment method (TT, LC, etc. are acceptable)

6.Large quantity is preferred

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